True love

By Michael Sixto

You need to stop asking me questions! I do not have the answers; neither the strength to keep up with your bullshit. If you want me to be honest with you I’ll tell you what I think: “your life sucks. You are a fucking looser and you should consider committing suicide because there is nothing, absolutely nothing you could do that it would make your life productive and meaningful!” There. I am done. Now leave me alone and get the fuck out of my face. Two hundred years ago you were the same fragile disgusting creature you are today and I hated every second of being next to you. Why do you still shadow me? Why do I have to carry you in my back like a fucking dismembered war veteran? In fact, I think you are… insane. I think you actually enjoy my nuisance and despite of my carelessness… you… love me? You do! I_Love_You_And_I_Hate_You_by_BenHeine


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