Last Journey

Last JourneyBy Michael Sixto

This already vanished instant it’s only an abstract, an obscure thought of what I was, of what I had to be. In my absence the earth continued to spin and the lovers earned their places among the mortals. No, nobody missed me, not even that place that I once called home. People gather and in groups they achieve the impossible; understanding. Tomorrow I will be gone one more time. If the word destiny ever meant something to anyone, now it’s the time to bring it back to life. History it’s in the making and the more I learn the taller the wall becomes. I had a family once, and a dog. His name was Milo. He was a German Sheppard. Now it is time to depart. People look at me hoping that the prophecy will be real. They truly want to believe I am the messiah, the chosen one. I have to reestablish harmony. I have to balance both worlds. It is time, I must go!

-“He is gone…”

-“Time of the death: 11:45”




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