By Michael Sixto

I usually dream with tragic thingsalienation Disasters you know; death people, accidents and shootings.  I dream with very catastrophic events for some reason I can’t explain. A friend of mine recommended seen a psychologist, but I don’t believe in them. As a sociologist (and you might think they are not related what so ever… wrong!) I see psychologists with a skeptic eye.  In any case, I’ve been handling this little issue by myself for while now. Having nightmares is not a big deal, you might think. And it’s true. The problem starts after I wake up …. And everything I dreamed starts to happen in real life.

2 thoughts on “Nightmare

  1. What you need to do is get a job on a famous newspaper and start making some good money out of those nightmares! You’ll be rich, and since money corrupts you’ll stop having the nightmares, and then you’ll missed them, but they will be gone….. forever!!!

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