Mysterious person from Chile

By Michael Sixto

There is a mysterious person in Chile that comes to the blog mostly every day.

Mysterious person, can you please tell me who you are? You can reply and leave a comment, send me an email… or just say hello. I am so curious that I might even pay you (not really, just kidding!) but, seriously, who are you?

Best Regards



Private Property

By Michael SixtoPrivatePropertyRights

This is my house and my car and my beautiful wife. She has perfect blonde hair and a garden with roses. This is my life. I turn on the news and the world becomes chaotic; I don’t think I like the news. When I was fourteen I fall in love with my neighbor Deborah. She was twenty two and had a boyfriend that ridded a motorcycle. I hated that guy so much, but the bike was so awesome. This is mine and so is that. I have and have… many things. They all have my name written in tiny golden letters. Deborah never married that guy. She ran away looking for something. I hope she is free wherever she is now. Long time ago I was someone else’s, but now I am free. I always wanted to be free. It was just natural. We all want to be free so we could have many, many things of our own and name them after ourselves. These properties come to remind us that… unfortunately, we’ll never be free, not really since we are tied up to all of our stuff. We only realize the delusion at the very end when surrounded and trapped in the house, in the car… with the beautiful blonde wife and her garden with roses.