You are no more

By: Michael Sixtoalien-abduction - UFO Mystery - Peter Crawford  - hounslow - London 1950s

You look at me with eyes of desire when you know I do not have much to offer. I try not to hide who I am or where I come from. My chance to make me notice begins with the first words. But you do not want to talk. The situation is uncomfortable and it confuses me. You undress me with your eyes while smiling. We are not alone but that does not seem to matter. I try to take the lead but I’m frozen. Then, like reading my thoughts, you begin to get closer. At the distance of a kiss you whisper to my ear, “is dark outside …” I agree moving my head and I extend my hand trying to grab yours. You lead the way and we go out into the yard. Yes it is dark – I think as I try to recognize your gone face in my hands- and we can still listen to the music coming from the house. You start to kiss me. Inside, the party continues and nobody has noticed our absence. I do not feel in control, but it is slowly coming. Your breath is agitated so you start squeezing my neck, biting my ear … ripping me shirt. You get rid of your dress (only cloth you wear) and you get completely naked. Your body is gorgeous to the touch. Suddenly everything lights up and I can see you again. The light is intense and it comes from above. I do not understand anything, everything happens very fast. Then you sharply look into my eyes and tell me ashamed: “I am sorry” The light becomes irresistible as I barely manage to see you walking towards it. One second after you’ve cast in its intensity … and you’re no more.