The land of the unknown

By Michael Sixto

They predicted the end of the world so many times that I wonder if dying was what they really wanted. Is the end of the year (for some at least) and the invention of time works perfectly in the land of the unknown. These creations prevent us from The_Unknown_Land_by_r3novatiogoing insane; doors, walls, clothes, handshakes, marriage, money and wars, and all return unharmed. They fulfill the purpose of the pyramid. “All men are created equal” they said many years after they predicted the end of the world. Sadly we are still here, waiting perhaps, and the signs are not yet clear. The information is passed from generation to generation, but some is lost in the process. That is why we are still “sure” the end is eminent and the new beginning will soon wipe out the imperfection. This year is almost over and that fact brings feelings that sometimes we cannot control. The wishes of the new, whatever it is, will always be welcomed even in the land of the unknown.

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