Why Bernie Sanders?

By Michael Sixto

I never intended this space to be remotely related to news or political opinions. For starters, I am not a journalist, what I am, and I am certain of that, is a human being. Why would I say something like that? Well, most people would say, in reference to stories like this one even though we shared the same species, “I am not a political person”. Fair enough, you don’t have to be, that’s your constitutional right, but can we afford to be so disconnected from reality?

Truth of the matter is that even if we decide not to actively participate in politics, we are all politics and we are all affected by the outcomes of new or existing governments. When bernie1presidential candidates speak about their plans and political agendas if elected, those thoughts could potentially translate into action in the near future with the approval of congress of course, but the lives of millions could eventually change for good or bad; simple as that.

That brings me to one particular candidate trying to win the democratic nomination for the presidential race; Bernie Sanders. A self-called “Democratic Socialist” that many predicted will never gain more than 10% of approval. He started in less than 1% and now, according to a new poll released just this morning, he is winning Iowa with 41% compared to Hillary’s 40% after being ahead in New Hampshire 41% compared to Hillary’s 32%. So, what the hell is going on in this country? People listening to a socialist?!

The answer could be very simple: facts are backing up actions once again motivating people instead of dividing them by the old rhetoric about the illusion of what America should be about. Bernie Sanders is not the typical politician and his strategy is working out: “I am going to tell the truth” and the truth seems to be that middle class is almost extinct and 0.1% of families now own roughly the same share of wealth as the bottom 90%. The truth is that we are far behind from our counterparts in Europe and Scandinavia when it comes to education, healthcare (and the cost of them) and fair pay for all. The truth is that global warming is REAL and we need to act NOW if we want to save what’s left of the planet. The truth is that the average American works twice as much as any other worker in the world to make just enough to survive. The truth is that college education is becoming a circle of debt extremely hard to get out in an economy in which capital is owned by just a few banks without the willingness to put it to work for all. And the most important truth is that all of that could be changed, not by Bernie, not by any politician, not by the congress, but by all of us! That is the message Bernie Sanders is spreading out. We need this revolution because we want America back!

So… I know you are not into politics, I wasn’t either, but, if you aren’t part of that 0.1% wouldn’t make sense to be into politics, just a little bit, for the wellbeing of us and our children and the children of them?

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