One Shot

By Michael Sixto

trump-sanders-1441141796This election year is very different from previous ones. I know we heard the expression repeatedly now, but in fact it is true. In my opinion, this is why:

Many months ago when I wrote about Bernie Sanders and his rise in the polls I clarified that I am not a journalist and in fact I am very bias about the topic because I openly support Bernie, but here I am again trying to make sense of what’s going on in our political system today.

Is no coincidence that establishment politics have failed and characters like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have gained so much support and attention in an election year that many predict will set a before and after in American Politics. With a congress approval rate of just 11% is not hard to understand the discontent that the majority of voters feel. For many years now, Washington has become the capital not just of our nation, but also ineptitude, corruption and most importantly deterioration of democracy. Election after election we see the same faces promising to resolve the same problems that a broken congress refuses to even consider working in a bipartisan way. This is not new, what it is new is candidates running campaigns by telling the public these very sad trues. Unorthodox politics come to play a definitive role changing every rule in the book… and it is working.

Just to be clear; and this is like the popular say what came first the chicken or the egg? People are not engage because candidates are telling the truth, candidates are telling the truth because people demand a real political change. Eight years ago “Change” was the Obama motto, ironically nothing really moved forward, on the contrary, in many respects we have gone backwards. Don’t get me wrong, I voted for him twice! I am not trashing Obama’s efforts after a disastrous in decline economy when he took power, but truth is that we are far behind from where we should be as the number one economy in the world. Truth is that change became a continuation of obsolete politics and decades of the same old same old rhetoric. Obama was not, by far, the progressive young soul that was going to take us and unite us into the new millennium! In fact, the exact opposite happened. In the past 8 years more racial tensions and divisions of all kind, especially political, have emerged. I am not saying is entirely his fault, but those are in fact the results of his presidency.

That brings us back to this election year. People, in both aisles of the political spectrum, are extremely disappointed, frustrated and are giving this country another shot; the outsiders! And yes; despite being in congress serving for more than 20 years, Bernie Sanders is not like any other politician. His “radical” views of many, if not most issues have put him in a unique position like no other in Washington. For starters, he is the one that demands reformation in political campaigning saying that the current system is corrupt and diminish democracy. And of course Donald Trump that says it the way it is or at least the way he thinks it is without hesitation in an unapologetic way. One on the left, the other one on the extreme right, these two candidates have moved the masses in ways not too many remember seeing in recent history and are the force, light or dark that inspire millions all over the country.

Most people think today that this is our one shot for a clear path to Real Change. Truth is that we might just run short despite of the movement, despite the revolution… despite all frustrations, but if, and only if, Bernie or Donald happen to be the next president of the United States the word Change will have a whole new meaning for many generations to come.