Time and chaos and friends… and love

By Michael Sixto

It all stars with a feeli16489092-chaos-creating-universe-abstract-fantasyng or an idea or a sense of duty perhaps, that’s the way it always stars and we set the priorities, we set the numbers straight. Then we look ahead and it all becomes clear… or not. I have no name, but I have a story to tell. We all tell stories because it’s the only known thing that we can exchange without a tag price. I tell you mine and you tell me yours and by sharing we keep on adding shades to our own. We keep on writing using others words that are also ours. And that is only the beginning. The dumbness goes away and the fears die the same afternoon we find out that time it’s not the only thing we seek. Chaos is surrounding us and we know it. We constantly try to fight it with order, with rules, with more rules. In vain we try for a whole life time until unsuccessfully give up the very last minute when they call our names. At that time is already too late and the sons and daughters are half way thru the battle. It’s nobody’s fault, the feeling gets passed on from one generation to the other. That is all we do; learn and pass it on. Friends wait. Real friends listen. Real friends remain; not because of the exchange rate or the company or the dying concept of time. Real friends stay because they know that chaos is real just like the waves that bring us hope. In a time where money rules and interests dictate, the handful few remind us the path, the promise, the objective when there is not such a thing as an objective. For two hundred thousand years that was all we had and we managed to survived. Because of friendship and collaboration and working together for the same goal we were able to create a new concept, a very radical one; love.  And here we are: loving in excess or loving just a little. Promising love and spreading love… and buying and selling love. Love is the biggest price; the super-predator on top of the food chain. After tasting it we will not be happy with a free sample any more. That information was also passed from previous generations. So it becomes clear that happiness = love. After that the equation is simple: we will use our time to fight chaos with or without friends to eventually find love. The sad true is that we have it all wrong. Time it’s just an illusion, chaos cannot be defeated, friends will help but they are starting to scarce and love… well my friends; love have always been there laughing at us and our rules to conquer.

It all stars with a feeling or an idea or a sense of duty perhaps, that’s the way it always stars.

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