I am

By Michael Sixto


Who are you? Who are you?

She asks repeatedly after humming the song

that reminds her yet to live times;

yesterday’s shadows that go unnoticed

when the city dusts off the fatigue of the busy day.

I want to answer but could not.

Its silhouette drains me out

unable to glimpse the light that accompanies it.

What would have happened if …

Who are you? Who are you?

Why do I feel I’ve known you a long time?

Why your smell sticks to the skin as if they were my own?

The night was not enough to discover these bodies

that won’t resist the temptation

while the mind gets lost between paths without any trails yet.

Who are you? Who are you?

She repeatedly ask in the very last second

before giving in when , long ago,

I ‘ve abandoned myself to madness.

“I am you, therefore you are me”

She smiles and stay quiet.

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