Job Interview

By Michael Sixto12762577_f520

“…So I have to wake up every day at 6:00 am forcing me to eat when I’m not hungry at that time, dress, shave, look sharp and smart, get into the car and drive for 40 minutes throughout  the ocean of assholes with the only hope to arrive on time to the cubicle of torture?”

“That is a very pessimistic way to put it Sr. but yes, most jobs require a big dose of what you have described…”

“What other options do I have…?”

“This is the only open position at this time”

“No, I mean, if I don’t have a job, if I don’t settle for this modern slavery… what else can I do?”

“Hum… I don’t really know. Beg for food? Become homeless? There is always suicide…”

“Thank you for your time”

“Oh, sure, thank you!”

“I guess you’ll call me right… or not?”

“Can you start tomorrow?”

“I’ll be here at 7:00 am… all dress up, well shaved and looking sharp”