Letter from the editor

By Michael Sixto


be-a-nice-humanDear author,


Please find the below as our last attempt to discourage you from continue the madness of sending us your material.

You are too dark, too depressing, and too unstable to be a writer. This is not your time. There are some that will say; “you are doing great”, but don’t listen to them, they are lying. You need to stop putting those ridiculous words together. If WE don’t approve you nobody will read that crap you call literature. WE are the first stop and WE don’t like you! Why do you even bother? Why do you keep sending us stuff? Please don’t! Give up! In previous letters we detailed the many reasons WE will never, ever, under any circumstances publish your work. Why don’t you follow our advice? You are not a writer, you will never be! Find a job in some other field, nothing related to people or human nature of course. You don’t understand or care about people. Life is definitely not your thing. You will be a really good mortician in an isolated small town funeral home. I am sure you could do great there and NO, you are not like Poe. He was COOL DARK… you are something else, disturbing perhaps.

In short, please STOP!


The editor