counseling-a-friendBy Michael Sixto

I have something to tell you. I have to do it because I am sure that one day we will all be judged, not by a higher power, but by ourselves and those who happen to know us; you. Some people will tell you great things and will try to remember the good in me, others will say nothing. Truth is that we make decisions and follow the route hoping is the right path, just to look back years later and find with a nostalgic eye what was done. Piles of old photographs reveal the smiles, the hopes and the fears when we still were young laughing at Time during moments in which just that was all we had; time. Now there is no second chance to amend “mistakes” and in vain we tried to convince ourselves that it was all good, even during bad periods. I have something to tell you that I have never said before. And I know this confession come at a difficult hour, but I am sure you’ll be able to forgive me. Are you ready to listen…?