I wish I could

I bought a new book a few weeks ago and I have read just 2 pages. Maybe I have too much going on; at least that’s what I tell peopltoo-much-going-on (1)e. After repeating it so much I started to believe it myself. I tell my wife “I wish I could win the lotto, so I don’t have to work anymore” maybe then I will have time to read. But I know that will never happen, so I look at the book and take a big breath. My eyes are closing and the rain outside does not help. The rain always comes back and the cold breeze brings not only chills, but also the memories of a time long time gone. “You can’t have everything in life you know” she says while circling her opened arms around the room. I wish I could, I think to myself mumbling a grin. Then the morning comes again. The rain it’s gone, but promising to come back in the afternoon. I look at the book again while searching my wallet. I find 2 dollars. I put them inside the marked page in the book and leave the house with a big smile.