She is not real, she is a robot.

            She is not real, she is a robot. You cannot marry, date and specially have sex with a robot. People do it anyways, I know, but it’s not okay, I don’t care what they say; you must not have sex with a machine. I get it, she is beautiful and smart and always there for  you when you need her the most (if you don’t forget to charge it), but she is not real.

female-robot           You know this is not right, why do I have to convince you otherwise? You need to forget about that robot. Find a hobby or something more humane to do with your time. That woman- robot is selfish like a Rock Star or any other celebrity. One day someone smarter than you will come and re-program her and she won’t even recognize you. Don’t you get it? Get rid of that thing please! Besides… you can marry and have sex with someone else, perhaps a real woman, maybe… me.