Feeling the Bern 2.0

Well its happening again. Elections are around the corner and democrats are in full swing getting ready for their primaries. More than 12 candidates have already announced they are running including Bernie Sanders. So I have these obvious questions; will he win this time around? Does it matter if he doesn’t?

I can enumerate the many reasons supporters of Bernie (myself included) have to back up the statement and say <YES, of course he will win… if the DNC play it fair this time, and main stream media don’t demonize his policies and call them “radical” as they did back in 2016>

Truth is that the first primary is a year away and media is already trashing his campaign. BernieAt a time where Socialist agendas are becoming more and more popular, the range of attacks have switched from: “He can’t win because he is a socialist” to “He can’t win because there are other progressive candidates younger than him with better chances of defeating Trump” So, yes, it’s already happening, but why? Why the establishment democrats and the media hate Bernie so much? I think the answer could be very complicated if we want to dig deeper, or as simple as this; Bernie is the only candidate that is talking about class warfare.

Bernie believes that the majority of the problems we have today pivot on the basics of a tremendous social inequality. What’s the solution? Redistribution is the answer; redistribution in the form of taxing the rich and using that money to lift people up from poverty while rebuilding the struggling middle class in the creation of new social programs. That is why corporate media hates him. Bernie is a threat to the “natural” order of things and he is the only one talking about this. Bernie responds to the interests of the people that follow him and donate to his campaign, not to the interests of the corporations.

So, will he win? Does it matter if he doesn’t? Polling, popular support, amount of recurring small money donations and grassroots volunteering suggests that he might, but what happen if he doesn’t? It won’t be easy to win and corporate resistance will make it harder and harder for him, but I think we have a shot this time and if he doesn’t, the message and rhetoric will be really hard to change in the next cycle, just like it happened from 2016 to today. His ideas will become the ONLY platform for future candidates; AOC perhaps? I really believe that our political system is in an irreversible course of dramatic change of policies that we will see in our lifetime. Bernie Sanders has been the match that started to ignite a bigger fire, an unstoppable engine, whether he wins the presidency or not.