Thanks for visiting my page. Unlike many other personal websites targeted to a specific theme, my page its a collection of texts, photographs, ideas and thoughts that I would love to share with all of you. Literary blog? Yes, you could say so. I don’t like to box things into just one category and that’s the main reason this page came to life. I do not consider myself a writer or a photographer… or a sociologist even though I’ve been writing and taking photographs for more than fifteen years and I also studied Sociology and Anthropology. This page its my perception of life told in both English and my native Spanish as well as an interpretation of a world that still waits, out there, to be discovered. The stories told here are us, all of us, from now and before. I apologize in advance for the mess of reading my texts in two languages. I guess Google translator would have to do it! In any case, that’s life friends; a big pile of confusion and wonders in an interconnected and multicultural world.

¡Gracias a todos por estar!

Once again, Thank you and enjoy the journey!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Michael
    I recently bought your book Relatos de un hombre solo. I am still reading it and I like what I read so far. I would like to know if you would like to share your experience with Verbum. I have a Cuban novel that they want to publish but I would like to have an opinion before I commit to this project.

    I am a Cuban writer and I live in LA.



      • Hola Michael, gracias por contestar mi mensaje. Felicidades, tienes un magnífico libro de cuentos. en especial me gustó mucho “Una terrible pérdida” “Another day in paradise” entre otros.

        Tengo un novela cubana que Verbum quiere publicar pero no estoy seguro si vale la pena, quizá me puedas aconsejar.


        Un compatriota en Los Angeles.

      • “Una terrible Pérdida” is hilarious, Kafkaesque with Cuban twist. I’d seen that character in “Another Day in Paradise” in real life. Great collection.

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